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Who Says It Can't Happen In A Small Town??

> I did hear some disturbing news, though, that is
> reliable. People say that stuff like Columbine can't
> happen in small town South Dakota, but apparently it
> almost happened here the last few days of school. A
> kid whose dad grew up here had been kicked out of
> several schools, so his dad enrolled him in Leola.
> Something happened, I don't know want, and he went
> off. He threatened to bring a gun to school and start
> shooting--teachers, kids, parents. They got the
> police over there, got him calmed down, and took him
> to JDC in Aberdeen. Don't know what happened after
> that. About as scary as that file I sent showing what
> kids can hide in their clothing now-a-days. One of
> the sad things is that there stupid idiots around here
> won't learn anything from it.

The town I live in has a population of around 500. A good percentage of the folks are over the age of 60.

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