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I've joined the world of the working. I need to get some money put away for next year. Don't want to head off to grad school with nothing in my pocket. :) I'm working at a printing company. It's going to be interesting working full time and going to school.

And The Winner Is.....

For those of you who like Broadway, Tony Awards were announced today. Monty Python's Spamalot has the most nominations, including a bid for best musical. Can't wait to see the awards!! :p
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Stupidity At Its Finest

I can definitely tell it's the week before finals. I have a rough draft due at 3pm, and I left all my paper work on it at home. Naturally, I didn't know this until I started working on the draft at 11am. I sure hope this isn't the way my week is going to run!!

A little introspection

Isn't it amazing how seeing someone from your past can bring back all sorts of feelings and thoughts that you thought you had buried so deep they would never surface again? Things that you had dealt with and filed them away, then they flare back to life and you wonder if you made the right decisions. Things that couldn't be dealt with at the time, so they were buried deep inside a place that no one would find, but you could take them out when it was time.

It's also funny how time has a way of sneaking up on you. You think you have plenty of time to do things, and one day you realize that time has been slipping by without you acknowledging it. And then you ask yourself is it time to deal with this, or should it wait for another day? No one knows but you, and you can't find your way out of the fog.